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The incorrect statement(s) among (a)-(c) is (are): (a) W(VI) is more stable than Cr(VI) (b) in the presence of HCl, permaganate titrations provide satisfactory results. (c) some lanthnoid oxides can be used as phosphorous
Option: 1 (b) and (c) only
Option: 2 (a) and (b) only
Option: 3 (b) only
Option: 4 (a) only

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(a) W(VI) is more stable than Cr(VI). It is true and given in NCERT.

(b) in the presence of HCl permanganate titrations provide satisfactory results. It is incorrect.

Permanganate titrations in presence of hydrochloric acid are unsatisfactory since hydrochloric acid is oxidised to chlorine.

(c) Some individual Ln oxides are used as phosphors in television screens and similar fluorescing surfaces.

So,(b) is incorrect.

Therefore, the correct option is (3).

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Kuldeep Maurya

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