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The plot that depicts the behavior of the mean free time \tau (time between two successive collisions) for the molecules of an ideal gas, as a function of temperature (T), qualitatively, is: (Graphs are schematic and not drawn to scale) 
Option: 1

Option: 2 

Option: 3 

Option: 4 

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As relaxation time is given as

\tau =\frac{\lambda}{V_{rms}}

where λ=mean free path

and V_{rms}\propto \sqrt{T}

while   \boldsymbol{ \lambda=\frac{1}{\sqrt{2} \pi N d^{2}}}

where N=number of molecules per unit volume

So keeping all the other quantities are constant.

we get \tau \ \ \alpha \ \frac{1}{\sqrt{T}}

So the correct graph is given in option 2

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vishal kumar

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