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Which of the following are arranged in an increasing order of their bond strengths?

  • Option 1)

  • Option 2)

  • Option 3)

  • Option 4)


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As we learnt in

Bond Order -

Bond order is defined as one half the difference between the number of electrons present in the bonding and the antibonding orbitals.

- wherein

Bond \:Order=\frac{N_{b}-{N_{a}}}{2}




Molecule                     Bond order 

O2                                 2.0

O2+                                               2.5

O2-                                                 1.5

O2-2                                        1.0

order fo bond strength O_{2}^{2-}< O_{2}^{-}< O_{2}< O_{2}^{+}



Option 1)

This option is incorrect 

Option 2)

This option is correct 

Option 3)

This option is incorrect 

Option 4)

This option is incorrect 

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