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Two identical capacitors A and B, charged to the same potential 5V are connected in two different circuits as shown below at time t=0. If the charge on capacitors A and B at time t=CR is Q_{A} and Q_{B} respectively , then (Here e is the base of natural logarithm)
Option: 1 Q_{A}=VC,\; Q_{B}=CV      
Option: 2  Q_{A}=\frac{CV}{2},\; Q_{B}=\frac{VC}{e}      
Option: 3   Q_{A}=\frac{VC}{e},\; Q_{B}=\frac{CV}{2}     
Option: 4  Q_{A}=VC,\; Q_{B}=\frac{VC}{e}      

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Maximum charge on the capacitor=5CV

(a) is reverse biased and (b) is forward biased

(a)                                                           (b)


So, q=q_{max}\left [ e^{-t/RC} \right ]


Hence the correct option is (4). 

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