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what is inelastic collision?

  • In this collision (K.E)_{initial} \neq (K.E.)_{final}

  • Coefficient of restitution 0 < e < 1 

  • As (K.E)_{initial} > (K.E.)_{final}

The loss in kinetic energy appears in other forms, such as heat, sound etc. 

Ex- Collision between two billiard balls. All majority of collision belong to this category.

Answers (6)
A Adnan

In inelastic collision, KE is NOT CONSEVRED!!


momentum is conserved whereas KE is not conserved as in elastic collision

in inelastic collision k. e. is conserved

A Abinav

The sum of the total kinetic energy before collision is not equal to the sum of the total kinetic energy after collision

2nd is also correct

1st and 3rd are correct. I'm not sure about 2nd