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Which of the following facts about the complex \left [ Cr(NH_{3})_{6} \right ]Cl_{3}  is wrong ?

Option: 1

The complex involves d^{2}sp^{3} hybridisation and is octahedral in shape.

Option: 2

The complex is paramagnetic

Option: 3

The complex is an outer orbital complex

Option: 4

The complex gives white precipitate with silver nitrate solution.

Answers (1)


As discussed

Outer Sphere Complex -

Complexes in which outer (nd) orbitals are used in hybridisation (sp3 d2

- wherein

For example: \left [ Co\;Cl_{6} \right ]^{4-}


 The given complex \left [ Cr\left ( NH_{3} \right )_{6} \right ]Cl_{3}, the complex is octahedral with hybridisation d2sp3. It is an inner orbital complex which paramagnetic in nature.

Cr^{3+}\Rightarrow 3d^{3}

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