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Which of the following is not a method for preparation of nitrogen?

Option: 1

\mathrm{ NH_{4}Cl\left ( aq \right )+NaNO_{2}\left ( aq \right )}

Option: 2

Heating of \mathrm{\left ( NH_{4} \right )_{2} Cr_{2}O_{7}}

Option: 3

Thermal decomposition of \mathrm{Ba\left ( N_{3} \right )_{2}}

Option: 4


Answers (1)


As we have learnt, 

Dinitrogen can be prepared by the following reactions:

\mathrm{(1)\mathrm{ NH_{4}Cl\left ( aq \right )+NaNO_{2}\left ( aq \right )} \longrightarrow N_2(g) + 2H_2O(l) + NaCl(aq)}

(2)\mathrm{\left ( NH_{4} \right )_{2} Cr_{2}O_{7}\overset{\Delta}\longrightarrow N_2 + Cr_2O_3 + 4H_2O}

\mathrm{(3) Ba(N_3)_2 \overset{\Delta}\longrightarrow Ba + 3 N_2}

Hydrolysis of Urea forms Ammonia and not Dinitrogen as shown below:

\mathrm{NH_{2}CONH_{2}+2H_{2}O\rightarrow \left ( NH_{4} \right )_{2}CO_{3}\rightleftharpoons 2NH_{3}+H_{2}O+CO_{2}}

Hence, the correct answer is Option (4)

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Ritika Kankaria

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