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Which of the following method is used for removing temporary hardness?

Option: 1

Treatment with washing soda

Option: 2

Ion-exchange method

Option: 3

Calgon's method

Option: 4

Clark's method

Answers (1)


In Clark's method, the calculated amount of lime is added to hard water. It precipitates out calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide which can be filtered off.

\mathrm{Ca}\left(\mathrm{HCO}_{3}\right)_{2}+\mathrm{Ca}(\mathrm{OH})_{2} \rightarrow 2 \mathrm{CaCO}_{3} \downarrow+2 \mathrm{H}_{2} \mathrm{O}

Therefore, Option(4) is correct.

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Anam Khan

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