Principles Related to Practical Chemistry (Weightage 3%)  

Topics from Principles Related to Practical Chemistry

  • Detection of extra elements (N,S, halogens) in organic compounds (8 concepts)
  • Chemical principles involved in the qualitative salt analysis: Cations - Pb2+, Cu!+, Af,+, Fe1+, Zn2+, Ni2+, Ca2+, Ba2+, Mg2+, NH. Anions- CO,", S2~, SO2-, NO", NO~2, Cf, Br", I" (24 concepts)
  • Chemistry involved in the titrimetric excercises -Acids bases and the use of indicators, oxalic-acid vs KMnO,, Mohr's salt vs KMnO (5 concepts)
  • Detection of the following functional groups: hydroxy! (alcoholic and phenolic), carbonyl (aldehyde and ketone), carboxyl and amino groups in organic compounds (11 concepts)
  • Organic compounds: Aeetanilide, pnitroacetanilide, aniline yellow, iodoform (1 concepts)