States of matter (Weightage 3%)  

Analysis of JEE Main 2018 paper for States of matter

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Topics from States of matter

  • Classification of solids: molecular, iconic, covalent and metallic solids (4 concepts)
  • Amorphos and crystalline solids (4 concepts)
  • Bragg's law and its applications (1 concepts)
  • Unit cell and lattices, packing in solids( fcc, bcc and hcp lattices) (6 concepts)
  • Calculations involving unit cell parameters (24 concepts)
  • Voids (17 concepts)
  • Real gases, deviation from ideal behaviour, compressibility factor and van der Waals equation (25 concepts)
  • Gas laws- Boyle's law, Charle's Law' Graham's law of diffusion (4 concepts)
  • Avagadro's law, Dalton's law of partial pressure (1 concepts)
  • Concept of atom, Absolute sclae of temperature, ideal gas equation (3 concepts)
  • Properties of liquids- vapour pressure, viscosity and surface tension and effect of temperature on them (15 concepts)
  • Kinetic theory of gases, Concept of average, Root mean square and most probable velocities (11 concepts)
  • Imperfection in solids (4 concepts)
  • Electrical and magnetic properties (9 concepts)

Important Books for States of matter

  • States of matter Book
  • States of matter Book
  • States of matter Book