Experimental skills (Weightage 3%)  

Analysis of JEE Main 2018 paper for Experimental skills

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Topics from Experimental skills

  • Identification of Diode, LED, Transistor, IC, Resistor, Capacitor from mixed collection of such items. (1 concepts)
  • Using the multimeter (4 concepts)
  • Characteristic curves (4 concepts)
  • Potentiometer (3 concepts)
  • Refractive index of a glass slab using a traveling microscope. (1 concepts)
  • The plot of the angle of deviation vs angle of incidence for a triangular prism. (2 concepts)
  • The focal length of Convex mirror, Concave mirror & Convex lens using parallax method. (2 concepts)
  • Resistance and figure of merit of a galvanometer by half deflection method. (2 concepts)
  • The resistivity of the material (1 concepts)
  • Young's modulus of elasticity (1 concepts)
  • Simple Pendulum (1 concepts)
  • Metre Scale (1 concepts)
  • The surface tension of water (1 concepts)
  • The specific heat capacity (2 concepts)
  • Plotting a cooling curve for the relationship between the temperature of a hot body and time. (1 concepts)
  • The coefficient of Viscosity of a given viscous liquid (1 concepts)
  • Young's modulus of elasticity (1 concepts)
  • Screw gauge (1 concepts)
  • Vernier calipers: (1 concepts)

Important Books for Experimental skills

  • Experimental skills Book
  • Experimental skills Book
  • Experimental skills Book