Directions :

Study the following information to answer the given question

8 players A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H from two different teams X and Y (4 players each) are seated around a square table - two on each side. Players from team X are facing towards the centre and players from team Y are facing away from the centre.

Only one player of team X has both the neighbours from team Y while none of the players from team Y has both the neighbours from team X.

Both the neighbours of A are from his own team. C and F belong to team Y and only E is sitting between them. G is facing away from the centre and is third to the left of H. B has a player from his own team on his immediate left.


Which of these does not belong to team X?

  • Option 1)


  • Option 2)


  • Option 3)


  • Option 4)


  • Option 5)

    None of these

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