The minute-hand of a clock overtakes the hour-hand at intervals of 65 minutes of the correct time. How much in a day does the clock gain or lose?


  • Option 1)


    \dpi{100} 10\frac{108}{121}\; minutes


  • Option 2)


    \dpi{100} 11\frac{115}{121}\; minutes


  • Option 3)


    11\frac{109}{121}\; minutes


  • Option 4)


    10\frac{104}{121}\; minutes


  • Option 5)


    None of these


Answers (1)

For these kinds of problems, there is a direct formula

720/(11 - M) (24 x60/M) = Minutes

Where m = intervals of n minutes of the correct time,

(\frac{720}{11}-65)(\frac{24*60}{65}) => \frac{1440}{143}

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