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Directions: Read the passage and answer the question


The old bookstore stood at the corner of Elm Street, its weathered sign creaking softly in the breeze. The scent of aged paper and leather bound volumes hung in the air, inviting passersby into its cosy interior. Once inside, visitors were greeted by towering shelves that seemed to reach for the heavens, each one laden with books of every size, shape, and hue.


The owner, an elderly man with kind eyes and a knowing smile, presided over this kingdom of words. He navigated the aisles with the ease of one who had spent a lifetime in their company. His fingers traced the spines of books, each touch a familiar caress, as if he were reacquainting himself with dear old friends.


Sunlight filtered through dusty windows, casting a warm glow on the mismatched armchairs scattered throughout the store. These well-worn seats held the promise of quiet hours spent in the company of captivating tales. The air was imbued with a sense of hushed reverence, as if the very walls held secrets waiting to be discovered.


Every nook and cranny of the bookstore seemed to harbour a hidden gem. A forgotten first edition nestled beside a dog-eared paperback, a collection of handwritten notes tucked within its pages. Maps with edges frayed from countless journeys hung on the walls, offering glimpses into far-off lands and the stories they held.


As visitors peruse the shelves, they often find themselves lost in the world of books, each title a doorway to a different time or place. The old bookstore was not merely a shop—it was a sanctuary for those who sought refuge in the pages of stories yet untold.



What might be the significance of the mismatched armchairs in the store?


Option: 1

They are intended for visitors to take a break and rest during their exploration of the bookstore.


Option: 2

 The armchairs serve as a decorative element to enhance the visual appeal of the store. 

Option: 3

They are meant to be purchased by customers who wish to have a piece of the store's charm in their homes.


Option: 4

 The mismatched armchairs are a symbol of the owner's eclectic taste in furniture.

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The passage mentions the mismatched armchairs scattered throughout the store, and describes them as holding the promise of quiet hours spent in the company of captivating tales. This suggests that they are intended for visitors to sit and read.


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