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A 10 \Omega, 20\, \mathrm{mH} coil carrying constant current is connected to a battery of 20 \mathrm{~V} through a switch. Now after switch is opened current becomes zero in 100 \mu \mathrm{s}. The average e.m.f. induced in the coil is____________ \mathrm{V}.

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\mathrm{R= 10\, \Omega }
\mathrm{L= 20 \times 10^{-3}H}

Current in the steady state ,
\mathrm{I_{0}= \frac{v}{R}= 2A}

\mathrm{Avg.Emf\: induced= e_{avg}= L\left |\frac{\Delta I}{\Delta t} \right |}
                                                      \mathrm{= 200\times10^{-3}\left | \frac{2}{100\times 10^{-6}}\right |}
\mathrm{\Rightarrow e_{avg}= 400}    

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