A particle executing simple harmonic motion comes to rest at the extreme positions. Is the resultant force on the particle zero

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B bhindra

yes ,because acc becomes zero

J Jaywant

no at extreme partical have zero velocity but it has  pick level accelarationthen it should have force F=M.A

R Rohan

no it is no zero bec acc is maximum.


so when x maximum at extreme then force would be maximum

but velocity is zero consiter a spring block system for better understanding

T Tekumalla Shiva sai

sir can you explain about diode


G Gireesh kumar G S


A abhishek
No. Because x = A, at extreme. and Force is given as F=-kx So a= max\ at\ extreme\ position, i.e., at\ x=\pm A, \ a=\pm\omega^2A