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A researcher is working with plant embryos and wants to introduce a foreign gene without relying on bacteria. Which technique would provide direct delivery of the gene into the cells while maintaining high efficiency, considering the avoidance of bacterial involvement, cell type specificity, and minimal disruption to the embryo's development?

Option: 1

Biolistics using gold particles

Option: 2

Transfection with lipid-based nanoparticles

Option: 3

Agrobacterium-mediated transformation with embryo-specific promoters


Option: 4

Retroviral gene delivery using plant-specific retroviruses

Answers (1)


Biolistics is a technique that allows for the direct delivery of foreign DNA into plant cells using microprojectiles coated with the gene of interest. The use of gold particles in biolistics has been shown to provide high efficiency in delivering genes into various plant cell types, including embryos. It offers direct and precise targeting of the gene into the cells without relying on bacterial vectors, making it suitable for the given scenario.

Hence, the correct answer is option 1.


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