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A solid XY has NaCl type close packed structure. If the anion has a radius of 241.5pm, what should be the minimum radius of the cation? Can a cation, Z^+ having radius of 50pm be fitted into the tetrahedral hole of the crystal XY? 

Option: 1

Cation can be fit 

Option: 2

Cation cannot be fit 

Option: 3

Size of cation is larger 

Option: 4

Nothing can be predicted 

Answers (1)


We have:

Radius ratio for an octahedral hole =0.414

Thus, size of the cation =0.414\times241.5=99.98\: pm

Thus, the minimum radius of the cation to fit in the octahedral hole =99.98\: pm

Again, radius ratio for tetrahedral hole =0.025

Thus, size of cation =0.025\times241.5=54.34\: pm

According to question, the given size of the cation i.e, 50pm is less than the calculated value i.e,                  54.34, thus the given cation can be easily fit into the tetrahedral hole of crystal XY. 
Therefore, ?Option(1) is correct

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Ajit Kumar Dubey

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