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Among the given statements about type III Restriction endonuclease enzymes, which statement is inaccurate or false?

Option: 1

These enzymes require ATP as the source of energy.

Option: 2

They cleave DNA at specific non-palindromic sequences.

Option: 3

Type III restriction enzymes consist of two sub-units.


Option: 4

They bind and cut DNA molecules at the palindromes or palindromic sequences.

Answers (1)

  • Type III  restriction enzyme is composed of two subunits. One for site recognition and modification, and another for site cleavage likewise requires ATP as an energy source and Mg as a cofactor; however, these enzymes lack ATPase function.
  • Furthermore, these enzymes break DNA at non-palindromic sequences.
  • In double-stranded DNA, two sites in opposite directions are required for cleaving. These enzymes' cleavage products are homologous populations of DNA fragments that are not suited for gene cloning
  • Most Type II restriction enzymes bind and cut DNA molecules at recognition sites, which are palindromes or palindromic sequences.
  • Hence, option 4 is the correct answer.
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