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Below are a few statements about plant breeding and transgenesis:

A. Recombinant inbred lines and double haploid populations have high levels of genetic homozygosity.

B. Gene pyramiding Involves Introducing different genes for resistance to a specific pest in different genotypes of a plant species.

C. Agrobacterium strains with a disarmed TI plasmid do not require vir genes for transfer of T-DNA

D.Molecular breeding can be used for crop Improvement If the trait of Interest is present In naturally occurring populations of the plant.

Which one of the following options represents a combination of INCORRECT statements?


Option: 1

A and B 

Option: 2

A and C 

Option: 3

B and D

Option: 4

B and C

Answers (1)


The processing and transfer of T-DNA from Agrobacterium to plant cells is regulated by the activity of the vir genes.  Gene pyramiding refers to the process of stacking multiple genes into a single genotype to combine desirable traits through recombinant DNA technology. Hence,the correct answer is option 4.

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