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Chromosomal disorders are characterized by the absence, excess, or abnormal arrangement of one or more chromosomes. Which of the following statements is true regarding chromosomal disorders?

Option: 1

Chromosomal disorders result from mutations in a single gene.

Option: 2

Chromosomal disorders are exclusively caused by environmental factors.

Option: 3

Chromosomal disorders occur when there is a disruption in the structure or number of chromosomes.

Option: 4

Chromosomal disorders can be accurately predicted through pedigree analysis.

Answers (1)


Chromosomal disorders involve large-scale changes in the structure or number of chromosomes, rather than mutations in a single gene. These disruptions can lead to various abnormalities and genetic disorders. While environmental factors can influence certain aspects of genetic expression, chromosomal disorders primarily stem from changes in chromosome structure or number. Pedigree analysis is not typically used to predict or trace chromosomal disorders since they involve chromosomal abnormalities rather than specific gene mutations. Therefore, option 3 is the correct statement regarding chromosomal disorders.

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