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Classify A & B correctly in the following chart:

Option: 1

A - Strong Electrolyte

B - Strong Electrolyte

Option: 2

A - Weak Electrolyte

B - Weak Electrolyte

Option: 3

A - Strong Electrolyte

B - Weak Electrolyte

Option: 4

A - Weak Electrolyte

B - Strong Electrolyte

Answers (1)


The conductance of a solution increases with an increase in the number of solute molecules/ions and decreases with a decrease in the number of solute molecules/ions.

Strong electrolytes: There is almost no change in the degree of dissociation (as it is already close to unity).

Weak electrolytes: With dilution, the degree of dissociation increases rapidly, and thus, the number of molecules increases.

In weak electrolytes molecules increases rapidly and graph B is showing this.

A is strong electrolyte like NaCl and B is weak like CH3COOH
Therefore, option(3) is correct


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