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Following statements describe the function of Restriction Endonucleases, Which of the following is incorrect?

Option: 1

Cleave the foreign DNA and protect it from infection


Option: 2

It cuts the DNA into specific sequences

Option: 3

Cut the DNA into smaller fragments to study the fragment length


Option: 4

Cut the plasmid producing multiple-stranded overhangs

Answers (1)


The restriction enzymes guard against bacteriophages on living bacteria. They identify the bacteriophage and cleave it at its restriction sites, destroying its DNA.

Type I Restriction Enzymes cut the DNA far from the recognition sequences but they do not produce discrete restriction fragments.

Restriction Enzymes cut the DNA into smaller fragments to study the fragment length differences among the individuals which are used in RFLP techniques.

A gene is put into a plasmid during cloning. The plasmid is cleaved by restriction enzymes, resulting in single-stranded overhangs. With the help of DNA ligase, the two DNA molecules are ligated to form a single DNA molecule.


Option 4 is the correct answer


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