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Given below are growth equations where dN/dt is defined as

P. rN/K

Q. rN

R. rN[(K - N)/N]

S. rN[(K - N)/K]

With reference to the above equations, which one of the following statements is correct?


Option: 1

Q represents exponential growth and P represents logistic growth. 

Option: 2

Q represents exponential growth and S represents logistic growth

Option: 3

Q represents zero growth and R represents logistic growth.

Option: 4

P represents exponential growth and S represents logistic growth.

Answers (1)


Exponential growth is represented by equation Q, where the population growth rate (dN/dt) is proportional to the current population size (N). This equation describes unrestricted growth without accounting for any limiting factors.

Logistic growth, on the other hand, is represented by equation S, which includes the carrying capacity (K) of the environment. The term [(K - N)/K] in equation S represents the proportion of available resources remaining for population growth. As the population approaches the carrying capacity, the term [(K - N)/K] becomes smaller, causing the growth rate to slow down until reaching a stable population size.

Therefore, Q represents exponential growth, and S represents logistic growth. Hence, the correct answer is option 2.

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