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The two nearest harmonics of a tube closed at one end and open at other end are 220 Hz and 260 Hz. What is the fundamental frequency of the system?

  • Option 1)

    10 Hz

  • Option 2)

    20 Hz

  • Option 3)

    30 Hz

  • Option 4)

    40 Hz


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As we discussed in

The frequency in open organ pipe -

u = ncdot frac{V}{2l}

n= 1,2,3.......

- wherein

V= velocity of sound wave

l= length of pipe

n= number of overtones


 Nearest harmonies of an organ pipe closed of one and is doffer by twice of its fundamental frequency

\therefore 260-220=2v


Option 1)

10 Hz

Incorrect option

Option 2)

20 Hz

Correct option

Option 3)

30 Hz

Incorrect option

Option 4)

40 Hz

Incorrect option

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