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Identify the incorrect statement regarding the separation of DNA fragments using gel electrophoresis.



Option: 1

DNA is loaded on the gel towards the anode terminal due to its negative charge.

Option: 2

DNA fragments travel through the gel matrix, and their movement is influenced by various factors, including gel concentration and voltage.

Option: 3

The mobility of DNA fragments in the gel is inversely proportional to their size, with larger fragments migrating more slowly.

Option: 4

Pure DNA can be visualized directly by exposing it to UV radiation without the need for additional staining or visualization techniques.

Answers (1)


Pure DNA is not typically visible under UV radiation alone. Visualization techniques such as DNA-specific stains or fluorescent dyes are required to make the DNA visible. These stains or dyes bind to the DNA and fluoresce under UV light, allowing for visualization and analysis of the DNA fragments.Therefore, the correct answer is option 4

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Divya Prakash Singh

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