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In plant breeding step which step actually improves the crop?


Option: 1

Evaluation and selection of parents

Option: 2

Cross hybridization among the selected parents

Option: 3

Selection of superior recombinants


Option: 4

Testing of new cultivars

Answers (1)


Plant breeding involves a series of steps to improve the characteristics of crops. The first step is the evaluation and selection of parents that possess desirable traits. This is followed by the process of cross hybridization among the selected parents to create new genetic combinations in the offspring.

After cross hybridization, the next step is the selection of superior recombinants, which involves the evaluation of the offspring for desirable traits such as high yield, disease resistance, or improved quality.

Finally, the selected recombinants are tested for their performance in different environments, and the best performing cultivars are released as new varieties.

Option 3 is the correct answer. 

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seema garhwal

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