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In the Davison-Germer experiment, which of the following phenomena relates to matter wave nature?


Option: 1

 Compton scattering.

Option: 2

Photoelectric effect.


Option: 3


Option: 4

Compton effect.

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Diffraction is a phenomenon linked to the wave nature of matter, as explained. It alludes to the spreading of waves via small gaps or the bending of waves to avoid obstructions. In the Davisson-Germer experiment, the nickel crystal lattice's effect on electron diffraction resulted in an interference pattern that supported the existence of waves in matter. The Davison-Germer experiment is a classic demonstration of the wave nature of matter. In this experiment, a beam of electrons is directed at a crystal, which causes the electrons to diffract. The diffracted electrons create a pattern on a screen, similar to the pattern produced by light diffracting through a grating. This experiment showed that electrons have wave-like properties, just like light.


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