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In the Schmidt reaction, a carboxylic acid is converted into an amine containing one carbon atom lesser than the original acid. The reaction is given as

\mathrm{RCOOH \xrightarrow[(Reagent)]{(X)}RNH_2}

The unknown reagent X used in Schmidt reaction is

Option: 1

\mathrm{H N_{3}, H_{2} S O_{4}}

Option: 2

\mathrm{ NH _{3}}

Option: 3

\mathrm{NaBH _{4}}

Option: 4

\mathrm{NaBH _{3} CN}

Answers (1)


In the Schmidt reaction, the reagent used is Hydrazoic Acid \mathrm{(HN_3)}  in presence of Sulphuric acid \mathrm{(H_2SO_4)}. This converts a carboxylic acid into an Amine as shown below:

\mathrm{RCOOH \xrightarrow[H_2SO_4]{HN_3}RNH_2}

Hence, the correct answer is Option (1)

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