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 ____________is also known as the Black lead.

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The graphite is also called as black lead. It has another name called as the plumbago. It is used in its massive mineral form.

Graphite is a mineral form of carbon that is widely used in many applications, including in the manufacturing of pencils, batteries, lubricants, and refractories. It is a soft, grayish-black substance with a greasy feel, and it is often referred to as "black lead" due to its resemblance to lead and its use as a writing material in the past.

In the past, pencils were made using a mixture of graphite and clay, which was molded into thin rods and inserted into a wooden casing. When the pencil was used, the graphite would leave a dark mark on the paper, hence the name "lead." However, it is important to note that graphite is not actually lead and does not contain any lead.

The name "black lead" also helped to distinguish graphite from other forms of carbon, such as diamond, which is a crystalline form of carbon that is much harder and more valuable than graphite. Today, graphite is still commonly referred to as "black lead" in some contexts, although the term is less commonly used than it was in the past.

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