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 Match the terms in column I with their descriptions in column II, then choose the appropriate code from the list below.



 Outcrossing     Mating Between members of the same breed who are closely related
 Interspecific  hybridization  Mating of animals of the same breed but having no common ancestors on either side  of their pedigree for 4-6 generations.
 Cross-breeding  Mating of animals of two different species

 The mating of animals belongs to different breeds.


Option: 1

A: 1, B:2, C:3, D:4

Option: 2

A: 2, B:3, C:4, D:1

Option: 3

A: 1, B:4, C:3, D:2


Option: 4

A: 4, B:3, C:2, D:1

Answers (1)

  • Cross-breeding refers to the practise of mating two distinct breeds. A crossbreed is the term used to describe the offspring that results from the union of two purebred parents from different species or breeds.
  • Outcrossing, allogamy, or xenogamy are other terms for the practise of passing gametes from one genetically distinct individual to another. A population's phenotypic variability will rise as a result of outbreeding, which is generally advantageous.
  • The blending of two species from the same genus is known as interspecific hybridization. This makes it possible to harness beneficial genes from wild, uncultivated species to the advantage of the cultivated species. The Pisum species are self-pollinating diploids with the same karyotype.
  • Hence, option 2 is the correct answer. 
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