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Metal 'C' reacts with oxygen to form a compound 'D' which is a black solid. Compound 'D' when dissolved in water, forms a green solution. The metal 'C' is

Option: 1


Option: 2


Option: 3


Option: 4


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The information provided states that the metal 'C' reacts with oxygen to form a black solid compound ' \mathrm{D} '. This suggests the formation of an oxide of the metal ' \mathrm{C} '. Among the options provided, iron ( \mathrm{Fe}) is known to react with oxygen to form iron oxide ( \mathrm{Fe}_3 \mathrm{O}_4 or  \mathrm{FeO} ), which can appear as a black solid compound.

Furthermore, it is mentioned that compound 'D' dissolves in water to form a green solution.
Iron(II) sulfate \mathrm{(\mathrm{FeSO} _{4})} is a green-coloured compound that forms when iron oxide dissolves in water. Therefore, the metal ' C ' in this scenario is likely iron (Fe).

Hence, the correct option is (3) Fe.

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Ajit Kumar Dubey

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