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If energy (E), velocity (V) and time (T) are chosen as the fundamental quantities, the dimensional formula of surface tension will be:

  • Option 1)

    [E V-2 T-2]

  • Option 2)

    [E-2 V-1 T-3]

  • Option 3)

    [E V-2 T-1]

  • Option 4)

    [E V-1 T2]


Answers (1)


As we learned in concept

To find the unit of physical quantity in a given system -

dpi{100} P=MV

=left [M 
ight ] left [ LT^{-1} 
ight ]


- wherein

P = Momentum


V = velocity 


 Surface Tension =\frac{F}{L}=\frac{F\times V}{V\times L}=\frac{P}{V\times L}=\frac{E}{V\times L\times T}

Surface Tension = =\frac{E}{L\times T \times V}=\frac{E}{VT\times TV}=[EV^{-2}T^{-2}]

Option 1)

[E V-2 T-2]

this is correct option

Option 2)

[E-2 V-1 T-3]

this is incorrect option

Option 3)

[E V-2 T-1]

this is incorrect option

Option 4)

[E V-1 T2]

this is incorrect option

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