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Read the given statements and select the correct option:

Statement 1.Fluorine and chlorine are gases while bromine is liquid and iodine exist as solid.

Statement 2.Absorption of radiations in UV region results in the excitation of outer electrons to higher energy level and hence halogens are coloured.

Option: 1

Statement 1 is correct but statement 2 is incorrect.

Option: 2

Statement 1 is incorrect but statement 2 is correct.

Option: 3

Both statements are correct.

Option: 4

Both statements are incorrect.

Answers (1)


All halogens are coloured due to the absorption of radiations in the visible region leads to the excitation of outer electrons to higher energy levels and they show different colours by absorbing different quanta of radiation.F2 has yellow colour Cl2 is greenish yellow, Br2 is of red and I2 of violet colour.

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