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7 months ago

Ribosomes, when associated with ER, attach with their A. SMALLER SUBUNIT (40S) B. LARGER SUBUNIT (60S)

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B Bishnu Parida
Answered 6 months, 1 week ago

Ribosomes are a nonmembrane bound organelle produced in the nucleolus and contain ribosomal RN A. The ribosomeis made up of a large (60S) and small (40S) subunit that come together and attach to a messenger RN A. The ribosome translates the mRNA to protein by directing the appropriate transfer RNA, each of which carries an associated amino acid, to attach to the mRNA.

Ribosomes forming secretory proteins attach to the ER, as described briefly above. However, many intracellular enzymes and structural proteins are synthesized by free ribosomes. Multiple free ribosomesare often attached to a single strand of mRNA forming polysomes.


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