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Select the incorrect statement

Option: 1

Multiple alleles – coat color in rat

Option: 2

Incomplete dominance – snapdragon

Option: 3

Polygenic inheritance – human skin colour


Option: 4

Codominance – ABO blood group

Answers (1)


Multiple alleles example is a coat colour of rabbit which is controlled by four alleles of the c gene. 

  • The wild-type ( C+C+)  is expressed as brown fur.
  • The phenotype himalayan ( chch) is expressed as black fur.
  •  The phenotype chinchilla ( cchcch)  is expressed as black-tipped with white fur.
  •  The albino, or “colorless” phenotype (cc)is expressed as white fur

Option 1 is the correct answer 

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Pankaj Sanodiya

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