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A circuit contains an ammeter, a battery of 30 V and a resistance 40.8 ohm all connected in series. If the ammeter has a coil of resistance 480 ohm and a shunt of 20 ohm, the reading in the ammeter will be:

  • Option 1)

    0.25 A

  • Option 2)

    2 A

  • Option 3)

    1 A

  • Option 4)

    0.5 A


Answers (1)


As we discussed in

Ammeter -

It is a device used to measure current and always connected in series 

- wherein


 As ammeter is in series with 40.8 Ω

Total resistance of the circuit


From omni's law

I=\frac{v}{R}=\frac{30v}{60\Omega }=\frac{1}{2\: A}=0.5A


Option 1)

0.25 A

This is incorrect option

Option 2)

2 A

This is incorrect option

Option 3)

1 A

This is incorrect option

Option 4)

0.5 A

This is correct option

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