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Statement i): In incomplete dominance two phenotypes are expressed together.

Statement ii): In incomplete dominance one allele is completely dominant over the other allele.


Option: 1

Statement (i) is correct and statement (ii) is incorrect

Option: 2

Statement (i) is incorrect and statement (ii) is correct

Option: 3

Both statements are wrong 


Option: 4

Both statements are correct

Answers (1)


Statement i) is incorrect because two phenotypes are simultaneously expressed in codominance. In incomplete dominance both the alleles are expressed partially. So it is called partial dominance. In this process neither of the genes is completely dominant over the other allele. It results in a mixed combination.

Statement ii) is correct because in incomplete dominance both the genes at a gene locus are partially expressed.That is why it results in a mixed phenotype.

Option 2 is the correct answer. 

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