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Adult human RBCs are enucleate. Which of the following statement(s) is/are most appropriate explanation for this feature?

(a) They do not need to reproduce

(b) They are somatic cells

(c) They do not metabolize

(d) All their internal space is available for oxygen transport

Options :

  • Option 1)

    Only (d)

  • Option 2)

    Only (a)

  • Option 3)

    (a), (c) and (d)

  • Option 4)

    (b) and (c)


Answers (1)



sino-atrial node (SAN) -

A patch of this tissue is present in the right upper corner of the right atrium called the sino-atrial node (SAN).




Role of RBCs -

These molecules play a significant role in transport of respiratory gases.




Blood -

Blood is the medium of transport for O2 and CO2.

- wherein

About 97 percent of O2 is transported by RBCs in the blood. The remaining 3 percent of O2 is carried in a dissolved state through the plasma. Nearly 20-25 percent of CO2 is transported by RBCs whereas 70 percent of it is carried as bicarbonate. About 7 percent of CO2 is carried in a dissolved state through plasma.


 Option C is wrong, because they also metabolize, which is characteristic of cells.

Option 1)

Only (d)

This is incorrect option

Option 2)

Only (a)

This is incorrect option

Option 3)

(a), (c) and (d)

This is correct option

Option 4)

(b) and (c)

This is incorrect option

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