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Synthetic detergents' ability to act as detergents is caused by:

Option: 1


Option: 2

Emulsifying capabilities

Option: 3

High molecular weight

Option: 4

Interfacial area

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Synthetic detergents have the ability to remove both water- and oil-soluble pollutants. Cleaning chemicals known as synthetic detergents possess all the properties of soap, but none of the soap itself.

Incorrect options: 

1. Ionization: the process through which an atom or molecule gains or loses electrons to acquire a positive or negative charge.

3. High molecular weight: The mass of a molecule or the mass of one mole of a substance is what is meant when we talk about molecular weight.

4. Interfacial area: The total area of contact between two liquids during a liquid-liquid action is known as the interfacial area. To increase the interfacial area for mass transfer, smaller bubbles provide more surface area per unit volume.

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