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The rate constant of the reaction A \rightarrow B is 0.6 x 10-3 mole per second. If the concentration of A is 5 M, then concentration of B after 20 minutes is:

  • Option 1)

    1.08 M

  • Option 2)

    3.60 M

  • Option 3)

    0.36 M

  • Option 4)

    0.72 M


Answers (1)


As learnt in

nth order reaction -

The rates of the reaction is proportional to nth power of reactant

- wherein

Differential rate law


Integrated rate laws,

=\frac{1}{x-1}=[(a-x)^{1-n} -a^{(1-n)}]=kt

a= initial, concentration of reactant at t=0 sec

x= concentration of product formed at t= tsec




Reaction is of zero order as the unit of rate constant is mol L-1  s-1

\therefore concentration = K t

                            = 0.6 x 10-3 x 20 x 60 M

                            = 0.72 M

Option 1)

1.08 M

This answer is incorrect

Option 2)

3.60 M

This answer is incorrect

Option 3)

0.36 M

This answer is incorrect

Option 4)

0.72 M

This answer is correct

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