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Read the following five statements (A to E) and select the option with all correct statements:

(A)    Mosses and Lichens are the first organisms to colonise a bare rock.

(B)    Selaginella is a homosporous pteridophyte.

(C)    Coralloid roots in Cycas have VAM.

(D)    Main plant body in bryophytes is gametophytic, whereas in pteridophytes it is sporophytic.

(E)    In gymnosperms, male and female gametophytes are present within sporangia located on sporophyte.

  • Option 1)

    (A),(D) and (E)

  • Option 2)

    (B),(C) and (E)

  • Option 3)

    (A),(C) and(D)

  • Option 4)

    (B),(C) and (D)


Answers (1)



Bryophyta -

Non vascular terrestrial plants present mostly in moist places.

- wherein

Eg Riccia,Funaria,Anthoceros.



Bryopsida / Mosses -

Gamatophytic plant body is thalloid protonema and leafy with obliquely septate rhizoids and elaters absent in sporophytic stage.

- wherein

Eg. Sphagnum, Funaria



Lichens -

Symbiotic association between algae (phycobiont) and fungi (mycobiont).

- wherein

They are good pollution indicator.

Selaginella species are creeping or ascendant plants and produce heterospores (megaspores and microspores).

Caralloid roots are developed in Cycas. It produces as cluster at base of stem. It is dichotomously branched and greenish brown in colour. It contains algal zone in the cortex. This algal zone contains Nostoc and Anabaena.


Option 1)

(A),(D) and (E)

this is the correct option

Option 2)

(B),(C) and (E)

this is the incorrect option

Option 3)

(A),(C) and(D)

this is the incorrect option

Option 4)

(B),(C) and (D)

this is the incorrect option

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