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The equation for Verhulst- Pearl Logistic Growth is:


Here in this equation “N” denotes Population density (at a point in time ) and “K”dentoes_________?

Option: 1

Natural increase in intrinsic rate

Option: 2

Carrying capacity

Option: 3

Exponential Growth


Option: 4

None of above

Answers (1)


Birth rate, mortality rate, immigration, and emigration rates are the key determinants of population increase. There are two primary models for growth:

Exponential expansion is a result of an infinite supply of resources and food. In this situation, the particular organism will grow exponentially.

Logistic expansion – As a result of the scarcity of resources during exponential expansion, individuals compete with one another. This first causes a lag phase. It is followed by acceleration and deceleration. A sigmoid curve shows the growth of a logistic process. Verhulst-Pearl Logistic Growth is another name for this.

Verhulst-Pearl Logistic Growth's equation is:


where N is the population density (at a certain period)

r = intrinsic natural rise rate

Carrying capacity is K.

Option 2  is the correct answer

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