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The extraction of copper from its ore is done by which process?

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Zone refining


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Smelting is a high-temperature process that involves heating the copper ore, typically a sulfide ore such as chalcopyrite ( \mathrm{CuFe} S_2 ), in the presence of a reducing agent such as carbon (as coke) or a combination of carbon and oxygen. The aim of smelting is to extract the copper from the ore and remove impurities.

During smelting, the copper ore is heated in a furnace to a high temperature, typically above 1000^{\circ} \mathrm{C}. The heat causes the sulfur in the ore to combine with oxygen, forming sulfur dioxide gas ( \mathrm{SO}_2 ), which is released as a byproduct. At the same time, the copper in the ore is reduced to its metallic form by the carbon or carbon and oxygen present. The resulting molten copper, known as matte, is then further processed to obtain pure copper through refining processes.

Electrolysis is another process used in the extraction of copper, but it is typically employed for refining impure copper rather than directly extracting it from the ore.

Zone refining and distillation are processes used for the purification of materials rather than the extraction of copper from its ore.

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