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The Van Arkel process is most commonly used for the purification of which metal?

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The Van Arkel process is primarily used for the purification of titanium. The process is named after its inventor, Anton Eduard van Arkel and it is a chemical method used to produce high-purity titanium metal.

In the Van Arkel process, impure titanium tetrachloride \left(\mathrm{TiCl _4}\right) is reacted with a reactive metal, typically magnesium (Mg), to form a solid compound known as a metal halide. This compound is then heated to a high temperature, causing it to undergo a thermal decomposition process called sublimation. During sublimation, the impurities are left behind, and high-purity titanium metal is obtained.

This process is crucial for the production of pure titanium, which is used in various industries such as aerospace, medical devices, and chemical processing.

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