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What are the various colony phenotypes observed in terms of -galactosidase activity, AmpR gene integrity, and colony color in the recombinant pUC8? Also, how do they correlate with the presence or absence of -galactosidase activity?


Option: 1

The blue colonies exhibit an intact Ampicillin resistance gene.

Option: 2

The blue colonies are disrupted Ampicillin resistance gene.

Option: 3

The white colonies have a functional Ampicillin resistance gene.


Option: 4

The white colonies are identified where the Ampicillin resistance gene is inactivated.

Answers (1)

  • As observed in the  recombinant pUC8 system, white colonies exhibit a particular phenotype where the colonies which  are white in color have an intact Ampicillin resistance gene.
  • The absence of blue color in these white colonies indicates the absence of
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