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What is a linkage map?

Option: 1

A diagram of the physical structure of a chromosome

Option: 2

A chart showing the location of genes on a chromosome

Option: 3

A tool for visualizing gene expression patterns


Option: 4

A model of DNA replication

Answers (1)


A linkage map, also known as a genetic map, is a type of chromosome map that shows the relative positions of genes on a chromosome. It is based on the principle of linkage, which describes how the physical proximity of genes on a chromosome affects their inheritance patterns. By analyzing the frequency of recombination events between genes, scientists can construct a linkage map that indicates the relative distance between genes and their order on a chromosome. Linkage maps are important tools for studying gene function, identifying disease-causing mutations, and exploring the evolutionary history of species.

Option b s the correct answer. 

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vishal kumar

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