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What is a nanotube?

Option: 1

A type of fullerene

Option: 2

A long, thin cylindrical tube made of carbon atoms

Option: 3

A type of graphene

Option: 4

A type of diamond

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A nanotube is a long, thin cylindrical tube made of carbon atoms. It is similar in structure to a fullerene, but instead of being spherical, it is cylindrical.

This type of fullerene has cylindrical or hollow tubes of very small dimensions; they are mostly a few nanometers wide. However, they can also be micrometre to several millimetres in length. Talking about some of the properties of carbon nanotubes, they can be both closed and open-ended. As a result of their unique molecular structure, they have some unique macroscopic properties. Some of them include including high tensile strength and electrical conductivity, high ductility and heat conductivity including relative chemical inactivity. Another form that we find is the megatubes. These are slightly bigger in diameter than nanotubes and are generally found with walls of different thicknesses. 

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