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What is the advantage does regulation of abiotic variables provide?

Option: 1

They require less energy than conforming responses.


Option: 2

They allow organisms to maintain a stable internal environment in variable conditions.

Option: 3

They allow for greater genetic diversity within a population.


Option: 4

They allow for faster evolutionary adaptation to changing conditions.

Answers (1)


Correct option (b) - They allow organisms to maintain a stable internal environment in variable conditions.

The methods by which organisms modify their physiological and behavioral processes to maintain a stable internal environment despite changes in the external environment are referred to as regulatory responses to abiotic influences.

The benefit of regulatory responses is that they enable organisms to endure and perform at their best in a variety of situations. In reaction to variations in temperature, humidity, or the availability of water, for instance, animals may control their body temperature, pH, and water balance. To adapt to changes in soil moisture or atmospheric CO2 levels, plants may alter their water intake and gas exchange.

Contrarily, conforming reactions to abiotic stimuli don't involve active regulation; instead, they just mimic the environment, which may be unhealthy or even fatal for the organism. Although conforming behaviors may be less energy-intensive, they reduce the variety of habitats and niches that an organism can occupy and raise the danger of environmental stress.

Therefore, regulatory responses are favorable for organisms that must change their physiology and behavior to preserve homeostasis and maximize fitness in variable or unexpected situations.

Option  b is the correct answer. 

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