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What is the function of the DnaA protein during DNA replication in prokaryotes?


Option: 1

Synthesizing new DNA strands

Option: 2

Unwinding the double-stranded DNA

Option: 3

Recognizing and binding to the origin of replication


Option: 4

Connecting Okazaki fragments

Answers (1)


 The DnaA protein recognizes and binds to the origin of replication in prokaryotic DNA, initiating the process of DNA replication. During DNA replication in prokaryotes, the DnaA protein plays a crucial role in initiating the process by recognizing and binding to the origin of replication, which is a specific sequence of DNA where replication begins. Once bound, the DnaA protein helps to recruit other replication factors, including helicase, which unwinds the double-stranded DNA, and DNA polymerase III, which synthesizes new DNA strands. Additionally, the DnaA protein is involved in regulating the timing and frequency of DNA replication in prokaryotes, ensuring that the genome is replicated accurately and efficiently.

Option 3 is the correct answer. 

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